Millwall chairman John Berylson has said the club’s survival is under threat as their local council aims to buy land around the stadium.

The Labour led Lewisham council are currently seeking the Mayor Steve Bullock’s approval to go ahead with a compulsory purchase order of the land surrounding the New Den which is currently leased to Millwall. The land that would be bought under this plan includes the Lions Centre, a key part of Millwall’s community schemes

The council wish to sell the land to property developer Renewal Group Ltd as part of a plan to regenerate the area.

However in an open letter published today by the News Shopper, Mr Berylson has attacked the council for threatening the club’s existence. He also said he wants to be part of the regeneration and not an onlooker as he has his own plans which would see 400 houses built which Lewisham Council refused to consider.

In the open letter, Mr Berylson said: “While we continue to fight every week to return to the Championship, off the pitch we face a challenge which threatens the club’s very survival.”

“Our proposed scheme provides for The Millwall Community Trust to have new premises alongside our stadium where it belongs.”

“It will not be charged rent, neither will it be obliged to share its facilities, as would be the case if it is kicked out of The Lions Centre and moved to Renewal’s proposed new sports complex which is still largely unfunded and may never get built.”

“Our community scheme is widely regarded as one of the best in the football fraternity and we intend to keep it that way.”