After a few weeks break because I was busy with other things, it is time for us to preview the weekend’s action once again!

During the weeks while I’ve been away doing other things, no I’m not telling you what, it has been eventful hasn’t it? We now have Burnley topping the Championship, Northampton Town look like dead certs to get into League 1 and Massimo Cellino is already writing out another P45 form as we speak. Oh the fun.

But with the Football League being as crazy as it is, you do need some guidance to make sure you don’t faint at the madness of it all. That is why I’m here. I am once again going to tell you what you should be looking out for this weekend so you can be smug with your friends when you know more than them.

So, let’s get on with the Football League preview.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow