Woop woop, it’s another weekend of Football League action!

So, this week we have to acknowledge that some team’s seasons are over. Yes, mathematically they may still be able to get into the play offs or get relegated but realistically, we know they are going to stay in mid table.

So let’s mourn for the likes of Reading and Leeds United in the Championship who will be staying where they are. Let’s mourn for Peterborough United in League 1 who’s recent poor form ended any chance of promotion excitement for them. And there are too many teams in League 2 to count, but let’s focus on Notts County because like an idiot I thought they were going to walk away with it this season. Blah.

Anyway, like usual we have the things you should be looking out for this weekend as many more teams end to avoid having their season end in March.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow