Chesterfield’s Dan Jones has suffered a setback in his recovery from an injury, meaning he will stay on the sidelines even longer.

The full-back, who can also play as a winger, has been out since November after suffering an ankle injury in the match against Swindon and Town and it was hoped he might be able to return in the next few weeks.

But Jones may not be out for the season after it was discovered he had a secondary problem in his foot. It means he will be forced to wear a non-weightbearing boot for the next six weeks, delaying his rehabilitation.

It’s another blow for Jones who is keen to get back into the first team as soon as possible. He hasn’t played since the sacking of Dean Saunders and appointment of Danny Wilson and there are worries he could end up out of the first team picture if he doesn’t return soon.

Detailing Jones’ injury, Head of sports science and medicine Rodger Wylde told the club website: “Dan has two screws in his ankle and the injury he sustained in late November has now healed, with the screws still in place.”

“He progressed through the training with no real problems, until he got back to playing with the reserves and he started sprinting. He found he was getting some pain between the metatarsals in his foot, which in medical terms is a million miles away from his injured ankle.”

“We investigated the problem and found the contributing factors. One was that the one of the screws was causing irritation that was then effecting the movement of the foot.”

“To all intents and purposes the ankle is now healed, but now Dan is back in a boot for six weeks while he has the problematic screw removed from his ankle.”

“Then he will restart his rehab again as we once again push towards a full return to fitness.”